Finding Myself

Less than a month and sixeen posts into this blog.

Something is missing.

Already I’m feeling frustrated. It’s not me.


Actually it’s too much me. Not enough Him.

He has given me tons of stories to share with you.

Joyful ones.

Personal. Painful ones.

How can I open up and share such deep thoughts?

Yet I continue to hear Pastor Dwight’s voice, ‘Your faith was meant to be personal but never private.’

This early in the game and I am already revamping categories and topics and posts.

I want to be the moon. Reflect the Son.

Saw that on a t-shirt once.

I was attempting to write in a way that is non-offensive to non-believers.

To not speak of my faith nor my Savior.

But to allow His light to shine through my writings.

I sincerely hope it does, dear reader!

Yet, I can’t seem to be quiet about my relationship with my Jesus.

I can’t.

He has done so much for me!

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