Random Things About Me

Kathy in front of greenhouse

picture by Princess

  • I enjoy being a wife and mom more than anything in this world.
  • I grew up in a major city.
  • Camo Guy converted me into a Country Girl. (I didn’t think he could, but he did.)
  • I ♥ cats.
  • Tuffy, my Himalayan that Camo Guy gave to me shortly after we were married, lived to be 19.
  • Don’t recall being without at least one Beagle for longer than a few months ever.
  • Canning is work, but I love it.
  • My dream is to one day own a Sheltie.
  • I once was so afraid of flying objects with stingers that I actually sprayed a wasp with an insect killer inside our home. Ugh! 😮
  • Flying objects with stingers are now my friends. They buzz between my knees and around my face in the squash patch.
  • I can read and write Braille.
  • I am the Braille police. I always check the signs in public places. Many times they are incorrect.
  • The 3 most difficult days of my life were when my mother passed away and when I had two miscarriages.
  • My relationship with Jesus is what pulled me through those dark times.
  • I tend to see the cup half full. 🙂 Actually, it’s completely full: ½ water and ½ air. 😉
  • I use smiley face emoticons way too much.
  • I have tons of Godstories to tell.
  • I’ve been a waitress, hostess, cashier, grocery store carry-out, produce stocker, clerk, and pharmacist tech before kids.
  • I’ve been a paraprofessional for a blind student and braillist after kids.
  • Always wished to wear glasses, until they became necessary.
  • Took 2 years of home ec but never learned to sew because of changing schools.
  • I want to become a quilter.
  • I was a Girl Scout Leader and Sunday School teacher to many wonderful kids.
  • I dream of living on a farm with a long winding lane leading to an old farmhouse.
  • I love dinosaurs!!

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