Cabbage and Dumplings

Cabbage and Dumplings


Cabbage and Dumplings

My father made this for us kids just as his mother made it for him and his brothers.

Now I pass on the tradition by making it for my children and husband.

Simple and delicious meal! Give it a try.


Cabbage, 1 head

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dumplings (use your favorite recipe or 2 cans of biscuits as I did here)

Sea Salt grinder

Pepper grinder


  • Put a large pot of water on stove top to boil for dumplings.
  • Shred cabbage. I love using my new santoku knife for this!

shredding cabbage


  • Cover bottom of skillet with olive oil. Cook cabbage over low heat.

frying cabbage


  • Meanwhile, when water comes to boil cook dumplings for about 5 minutes. I used biscuits here. Just cut them into small pieces.

boiling dumplings




  • Using a slotted spoon, scoop out the dumplings and add to the cabbage. Stir well.

adding dumplings


  • Add salt to taste. I let my family add their own pepper.

Adding salt with a salt grinder


  • Enjoy!

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