One Pound of Fat


Pathways to Health

The path to good health can be rocky at times with obstacles in the way.

Educating yourself is the key!

While sitting in on a diabetic education class with my father recently, I heard a few facts that I thought interesting.

I decided to write a short post of Fat Facts.

Here’s what I learned while educating myself:

  1. Each pound of fat lost is equal to relieving 4 pounds pressure of joint stress. (source)
  2. Every pound of fat gained adds miles of new blood vessels/capillaries. (source)
  3. One pound of fat is equal to 4 sticks of butter. (source- my friend, Danelle brought this to my attention)
  4. There is a big difference between GOOD fats and BAD fats.
  5. The liver will convert excess sugar into fat. (source)
  6. Each gram of fat supplies 9 calories. (source)
  7. Toxins from food, medications, and environment are insulated in stored fat to keep from damaging the body. (source)


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