God’s Not Dead

This headline from The Blaze does not surprise me one bit:
‘God’s Not Dead’ Rocking Box Office in Stunning Debut — Per-Screen Average Near Top of the Heap

It is expected to come in at #3  [UPDATE:#2] this weekend with only 780 theaters showing it across the country


Seriously. When will Hollywood get it that there is an audience for Faith-based Family-Friendly films??

Our family drove over an hour to the closest theater last evening to watch it.

It took me nearly TWO HOURS to get my online ticket order through.

I tried ordering through Fandango. My order kept voiding out as the theater continually updated the ticket count. I did this twice before engaging a Live Chat with Fandango. This prompted my bank to put a hold on my bank card! The representative suggested I call in my order. That didn’t work either. I then went through the theater’s website and successfully ordered through them. However, I had to wait to see this long time anticipated movie as the next available showtime was Saturday at 10 pm. The other showtimes were SOLD-OUT and they even added an extra time slot! When we arrived, the theater had a barricade section for God’s Not Dead patrons to wait for seating.

I imagine the “rush” is almost over now and you should be able to get a ticket easier than I.

This is a must see movie! Especially if you have children. And most especially if they are Middle School through College age. If you’re able, I would recommend allowing them to invite a friend.

God’s Not Dead exceeded my expectations in a big way.

There are four story lines we follow throughout the movie and those lives intersect. Characters are genuine with real-life problems. It was easy to step into their shoes and feel their emotions. The ending was unexpected and dramatic.

The theater was filled with laughter, tears, shock, and ended with a roar of applause.
God's Not Dead

Source: https://www.facebook.com/PureFlix

 I love the way the ending of the movie gives you a Call To Action. Which I did even though it was after midnight…

Well done Pure Flix! Well done.

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