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A little about our family:

I’m Kathy, wife, momma, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, Christ-follower.

I’m glad you stopped by. I hope you didn’t come here with expectations of finding someone who has it all together. You know what I mean: perfect. House is spotless, homemade meals from scratch three times a day, hand-sewn clothing, immaculate flower beds and gardens. Sorry. That’s not me, although I do strive to do my best at whatever I do. However, there is only one perfect parent and I am not Him. I am His, but not Him.

First and foremost I am a Christ follower. I strive to live for Him in every aspect of my life. I began this blog to encourage others. This is a blog of lifting each other up. I will do my best to reflect a biblical worldview. I will not debate competing world views. Defending my personal worldview is not the mission of my blog. All comments that are inappropriate and not family-friendly will not be published. Respectful disagreements however, are welcome here.

I am a huge Waltons fan. I yearn for the simplicity of their lifestyle. (Notice I didn’t say easiness!) Faith is the foundation of the Walton lifestyle. Family comes first and foremost to the Walton clan. When it was time to work, they worked hard. Each of them. There were chores for every member. I believe that gave each of them the satisfaction they were truly needed and valued. A sense of belonging. Yet somehow they were able to keep a healthy balance between labor and rest.

In the hustle and bustle of our jet paced lives is it even possible to attain? I’d like to think so. In fact, I have been on the path to living the Walton lifestyle in our Jetson world for several years now.

I married my high school sweetheart, Camo Guy many moons ago. We have been blessed with two daughters. I was employed in retail until just before Angel was born. I left the work force to begin my new career as a stay-at-home momma. A few years later Princess came along giving her big sister a live-in playmate and best friend.

We reside on our cozy homestead in a country setting. We recently planted an orchard and berry patch to compliment our vegetable garden. Our latest project was the addition of an herb garden featuring lavender. Animals sharing our acreage include Buckeye Chickens, 2 Beagles, 1 energetic bird dog, and one very spoiled, well-loved cat! Add to that list hundreds of pheasants and you begin to understand why I never lack for something to do.

I love The Waltons and long for their simple lifestyle. I returned to the job force for a few years as a Paraprofessional/Braillist. Happily, I am a full-time Homemaker once again. Our daughters have returned home also, one to homeschool and one commuting to college. Recently my husband has embarked on a dream of raising pheasants. My dream is to bring him home full-time someday. Back to family.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m glad you are here.

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  • JOY

    Thank you for your sharing your time, talent and treasurers in this refreshing and resourceful website. Love the quote by Spurgeon. I read him often but had not read this. (will probably ‘borrow’ it.) May God continue to bless your work for His Kingdom…investing into the next generation…tomorrow’s church…the one mission field that we all inhabit.

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