Have You Seen This New Kohl’s Commercial?

Kohl's Commercial
Heartwarming!  I cried the first time I saw it.

(Can’t see it? Click here.)

It inspires me to give this Holiday season, how about you?




Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

She said Yes!

Countdown: Less than one month!

Our family will soon be growing: adding a son.

Camo Guy won’t be completely outnumbered by the female members.

Dear Reader, I haven’t forgotten you!

I have been up to my earlobes in wedding preparations and more importantly…family time.

I am savoring every moment I can with our Angel before she becomes a bride.

This is an exciting time in our lives.

“Mother of the Bride”

I love that title.

Truly I feel we are not losing a daughter, but rather gaining a son.

I want you to know Dear Reader, that I am taking careful notes on this journey.

I will share the past year’s events with you in good time.

Even have some ideas brewing in my mind. 😉

Ideas to make these events go even smoother were we to go through this again with Princess in the future.

Projects in mind to help others along the same journey.

Some of you have asked me to take notes as you will be coming to me for advice when your ‘MOTB’ turn comes.

Ah, yes! What fun times we have ahead of us friends.

I will be in touch.


Mother of The Bride




Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops ~ My First Review



Hello again, dear reader!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

Life here on the homestead is getting rather busy.

Angel’s upcoming spring wedding is only a few months away.

I have joined with other writers to produce an online devotional at church.

Princess has begun the search for the university with the perfect fit for her and her dreams.

And as for Camo Guy… well, his pheasant business is off to a great start!

Enough catching up, on to the blog post:

A few months ago I was contacted by Pine Bros. and was asked to review their throat drops.

I was told they would send me free samples to test out.

Dear reader, I was a tad nervous.

What if I didn’t like them?

I can’t be dishonest to you. I decided I just would not write anything if I didn’t approve of them.

You know the old adage, If you can’t say anything nice…

I received quite a few bags and handy canisters of the natural honey and cherry flavors.

I passed them out among family and friends within my Bible Study group.

I gathered thoughts from everyone and compiled them:

  • Children as young as 3 can use them. A plus for families with youngsters.
  • The flavor is mild not overwhelming like some cough drops tend to be.
  • They have a gummy consistency.
  • Package: ‘Best if not chewed’. However, it is hard not to chew with the softish texture.
  • A young man recovering from Strep Throat stated they were very soothing.
  • A few thought the flavor to be too mild and the consistency gooey.
  • Several of the recipients enjoyed them like candy.
  • The plastic refillable canisters, called pucks are handy for carrying in a pocket or purse.
  • Naturally flavored. Gluten free. Only 5 calories per drop.
  • Made in America!


The company was founded in 1870, sold in 1930 to Life Savers Company and then sold and re-sold several times throughout the years.

Recently, Pine Bros. was purchased by the creator of Airborne. She located the original recipes and redesigned the packaging.

Find Pine Bros. at CVS or at many of your local drug and food stores.

BOTTOM LINE: Would I purchase them myself?

Yes. I would!




Liebster Blog Award


Back to Family has been nominated for the The Liebster Blog Award  by Katie from The Creative Bubble.

Thank you Katie! I am truly grateful.

Friends, lets show Katie some Walton Lifestyle Love by visiting her blog and following her via facebook, twitter, email, and/or pinterest. 🙂

In case you don’t know what the Liebster Blog Award is, it’s an award given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is to show new bloggers that they are appreciated, and to help spread the word about new blogs. It was created to promote appreciation and recognition among the blog world. Liebster translates to “dearest” (or favorite/best) in German. It is also known as the Love Blog Award.

What an awesome honor.

The Rules:
1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 blogs you love (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.
5. No tag back (but please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you)!

So here are 11 random things about me:
  1. I can read and write Braille.
  2. I was a girl scout leader and Sunday School teacher.
  3. I married my high school sweetheart over 20 years ago.
  4. Dinosaurs fascinate me.
  5. Although I grew up in a major city, I am a country girl now.
  6. I dream of living on a farm. With lots of chickens.
  7. I feel closest to God in my garden. I have laid down among the beans many times talking to Him.
  8. I LOVE The Waltons!
  9. My favorite way of praising God is singing, but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Oh, the irony.
  10. Snow makes me happy.
  11. I could never have too many friends or cats.
And here are the questions my nominator set for me to answer:

1.  When it comes to blogging, what types of things do you enjoy: photography, writing, crafting, sharing, networking, etc.?
Blogging is first and foremost a ministry for me. I try to lead others to a relationship with God and simple living, focusing on family and faith. Blogging is also a creative outlet for me as I love photography and writing.

2.  What types of blogs do you like to follow and why?  You can list them if you want.
Faith, family, recipe, homesteading, and simple living blogs are my favorites. These are dear to my heart because our society is too fast paced and rushed for me. I like to read these types of blogs and enjoy the slower paced lifestyle where we enjoy one another’s company. Oh, I have so many I love. I’ll list just a few: Homestead Blessings,  Comfy in the Kitchen, Generation Cedar, Food Storage Made Easy, Lehman’s Country Life, Little House Living, New Life on a Homestead, Nourishing Days, The Welcoming House, Fun Home Things, The Morris Tribe, and The Time Warp Wife. Go visit with them awhile. I’ll wait… 🙂

3.  Do you think it’s difficult to find the time to blog?  Do you schedule certain times to work on your blog?
Yes I do! I am living and experiencing the very thing I want to write about! I remember an episode of The Walton’s where John-Boy was frustrated because he longed to be alone to write, yet he needed to balance his time being with his family so he would have something to write about. I work on my blog very early in the morning. I have to admit I get distracted easily with social media. I plan on scheduling my time better in the new year. I have so many things I want to share with you!

4.  What is your favorite hobby?
Reading. I always have a pile of books on loan from the local library. I have shelves of books in each room. I have given away many books. Somehow they keep multiplying!

5.  What is your favorite holiday and why?
Easter. My earliest memory of celebrating God with my family growing up is attending Easter services. Easter reminds me of how much I am dearly loved.

6.  What place would you like to visit the most?
Israel. To walk where Jesus once walked would be amazing.

7.  What’s the first thing you would grab if your house was on fire (besides pets and family members)?
A box of full sd cards & video tapes and as many photo albums as I could carry.

8.  Do you have a job in addition to blogging?  …or are you a stay at home mom?
Proud stay at home momma.

9.  What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate anything. 🙂

10.  What are some things your dream home would have?
Acres! A winding driveway lined with a wooden fence. A pond. A barn. Lots of chickens and farm cats. A huge garden and orchard. A wrap around front porch. A sunroom. Filled with family and friends.

11.  Can you recommend any good books?  Why do you like it/them?
The Quest Study Bible. So many others!! Here are a few: The World’s Healthiest Foods, Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Left Behind series, anything by Carol Kent and Bruce Wilkinson, and I Am Not But I Know I Am.

Here are questions for those whom I nominate to answer:
  1. How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?
  2. List your favorite blogs and what it is that you love about them.
  3. What is your favorite family tradition?
  4. Who is the person who inspires you the most and why?
  5. Describe your dream home.
  6. What is your most heartwarming memory from childhood?
  7. What is your favorite leisure activity?
  8. Who is your favorite Walton character and why?
  9. How did you meet your spouse if you have one? If not, who is your favorite couple?
  10. What is your favorite animal and why?
  11. What legacy do you wish to be remembered by?
And here are the 11 blogs that I nominate:

The Welcoming House

Fun Home Things

New Life Steward

Karis’ Kitchen

Teach Them Truth

Fantastic Fun and Learning

Living Simply at Maple Valley Farm

Full Heart…Full Home

Mothering From Scratch

What Joy is Mine

Lamp  on a Stand

Note to nominees: Please leave me a comment with your Liebster post, so I can read up on you. Also, please link back to this post on your blog. (Please do not be offended if you don’t have more than 200 followers…or if you do. 🙂 )




Secret at Arrow Lake

Our family watched Secret At Arrow Lake last night for a movie night.
It was a touching feel-good kind of story.
It received the “Dove Foundation’s” Family Seal of approval,
awarded 4 out of 5 Doves and recommended for ages 12 and over.
There are valid reasons for the recommended age.
There is minimal drinking and an attempted rape.
Although not graphic, it is disturbing.
Secret At Arrow Lake has received mixed reviews.
It doesn’t have the strongest plot nor the best acting I’ve ever seen.
Yet, the story of young Mia tugged at my heart.
Raised by a single mother, she never knew her father.
After tragedy falls upon her family, a mysterious stranger walks into Mia’s life.
I loved the serene setting of the Texas Bed and Breakfast.
I  added it to my List of Family Movies. Have you checked out that page lately?
The days are growing darker. Cuddle up on the sofa and put in a good wholesome movie!
Tell me what you think of Secret At Arrow Lake.

NOTE: This post contains affiliates.

your hand is God’s hand

WOW!!! God is amazing. Read this Godstory! Thus began my facebook status this morning.

It quickly outgrew a facebook status and worthy of an entire blog post.

We don’t realize how much our actions (even small ones) affect others around us.

The month of October began with a goal of reading the book of Proverbs from the Bible.

I post a link to each chapter daily on facebook and pull a verse that stands out to me.

This is the verse I pulled from yesterday’s reading and posted on facebook:

Day 3
Never walk away from someone who deserves help;
your hand is God’s hand for that person.-verse 27

In full disclosure, I pre-scheduled it a few days earlier.

Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday:

Continue reading~ your hand is God’s hand »

Our Trip to Walton’s Mountain

The Original Walton/Hamner Home


Read about our trip to Walton’s Mountain here.

Getting There was a story in itself!

Go on a tour of Walton’s Mountain Museum.

 A few sites around Schuyler Virginia.

Check back later for pictures of Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.

I’d love to show you around Virginia Beach too!


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