Front Porch

Picture taken by Princess

Hey there!

I’m Kathy, so glad you stopped by.

In case you’re like me, and the print seems to be smaller and harder to read, here is a tip for you: Push the Ctrl key while scrolling with your mouse and the screen gets larger! I use that trick all the time. 🙂

I am a huge Waltons fan.

I yearn for the simplicity of their lifestyle. (Notice I didn’t say easiness!) Faith is the foundation of the Walton lifestyle. Family comes first and foremost to the Walton clan.

When it was time to work, they worked hard. Each of them. There were chores for every member. I believe that gave each of them the satisfaction they were truly needed and valued.

A sense of belonging.

Yet somehow they were able to keep a healthy balance between labor and rest.

In the hustle and bustle of our jet paced lives is it even possible to attain?

I’d like to think so. In fact, I have been on the path to living the Walton lifestyle in our Jetson world for several years now.

Won’t you come join me on my journey?

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