Mission Statement

The mission of Back to Family is:

  • to bring glory and honor to God
  • to encourage unity in families
  • to support parents in raising Godly children
  • to inspire a healthy lifestyle
  • to spark a desire in hearts to leave behind chaotic living and come back to family
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4 comments to Mission

  • Bonnie Celuch

    Hi Kathy, I’ve so enjoyed your website…so “down to earth”, sincere and helpful. I look forward to getting on your website and looking around more often. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Kathy! I LOVE your website! From all that I have seen so far, we truly share the same heart towards the Lord, living a simpler life with purity, honest and reality! How refreshing you are in a world gone mad…..Blessings to you and your family!

    • Kathy

      Hello Diane! I am so pleased you stopped by and enjoy the blog. It is an awesome feeling to get connected with others who share the same values in today’s world. Thank you for the encouraging words. It means alot! I look forward to talking with you again soon…ps. I visited your website and love all the information! We are hoping to convert my husband’s hobby of raising pheasants into a business soon. 🙂

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