Spring has Sprung


Spring around the Homestead



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Colors in the Sky


Although this past year was one of the wettest on record,

the rain also brought with it some of the most

beautiful rainbows!

Wild Turkey

Flock of 55 or so wild turkey

Whitetail Café

A post written for older children:

Have you ever admired deer frolicking in a nearby field and wished you get a closer look? Maybe even get close enough to snap a picture or two? There are several ways you can do just that.

Enlist the help of your favorite grown-up and make your own Whitetail Café. It might take deer a little time to find your delicious treats, but soon they will be visiting your Whitetail Café regularly. (It is important to note here for parents: be careful where you place your café as deer love landscape plants, hostas, ivy, roses, and of course your veggies.)

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