Fried Apples

Looking for a quick and healthy dessert? Here ya go.

Fried Apples with

Peel a few apples. Cut into fourths and remove core. Slice.

Melt real butter in a ceramic coated skillet over medium heat.

Place the apple slices in the hot butter in a single layer.

Sprinkle with ginger, freshly grated nutmeg, and cinnamon. After about 5 minutes turn the apples.

Sprinkle with a light coating of coconut sugar. Cook for another 5 minutes or so until the sugar dissolves.

Very. very. good.

How to Can Apple Cider

Liquid apples all winter long!

 How to Can Apple Cider with

Canning your own apple cider is alot easier than you might think.

“It’s just like drinking an apple.” ~my friend Dana told me. And was she right!

Dana introduced me to canning apple juice a few years back. She took me and my  youngest daughter to an orchard where we collected ground apples and unharvested apples left on trees. Coolers and coolers full. She gave me directions to the Amish farm that has an apple press. Off we went. He pressed the apples and put the juice into buckets and jugs. We canned it into quart jars and it was a hit with family and friends.
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How to Can Applesauce

Apples!! Apples!! Apples!!

How To Can Applesauce with

My favorite food to preserve is apples. My kitchen smells like fall right about now. They are very easy to can and very delicious to eat.

Be forewarned!! Once you can your own applesauce, your family may not go back to store bought. Our daughters will only eat home canned applesauce, preferably chunky applesauce.

I love sinking my teeth into chunky applesauce.

Apples are easy to come by. Maybe you have a friend or neighbor with an apple tree or two who would be willing to share.   And if you’re lucky, you can find an orchard like the one I frequent. A beautiful orchard out in Amish Country. I usually get 3 or 4 bushel with each trip.
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Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters |

Homegrown: Always better than store bought

These are exciting times here at our homestead!

Our orchard is beginning to bear fruit.

After enjoying a bushel of Bartlett pears we now have another tree offering fruit.

Granny Smith apples!

Apple Fritters |

Our orchard produced a small harvest this year for the first time.

Organic. Healthy. Delicious.

It is so cool to reap the benefits from the last 4 years of watching the tree grow and bloom.

I decided to use them for this apple fritter recipe:
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How To Can Apple Butter


apple butter

 Apple Butter

Your home will smell amazing while this simmers on low all day!!

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Ham and Apples

Ham and Apples



Quick and Easy Ham and Apples 


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