Every Child Deserves A Name

It’s been 20 years now and yet it seems like yesterday…

…the most difficult days of my life.

We were expecting our second child. Before we knew what was happening, within the first month it was over. A vapor as recorded in James 4:14. {HINT:Hover over the Bible verse for the NKJV.} Three months later, we found ourselves in the exact same situation. Initially, I had much appreciated support. But shortly thereafter, life surrounding me found it’s new normal. Almost, as if, those two lives never lived within my womb.

I grieved silently for years. Was I the only one who acknowledged their existence?  They were rarely spoken of. And even then, they were referred to as “The Miscarriages.” My arms ache for those little souls.

Memorial for Unborn Children~ BacktoFamily.net

Memorial For Unborn Children~ A sculpture by Martin Hudáček

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If I had my child to raise over again

This poem was printed in our church newsletter approximately twenty years ago.  Posted on our fridge. Referred to often.

If I had my child to raise over again,

I’d build self-esteem first and the house later;

I’d finger paint more and point the finger less;

I would do less correcting, and more connecting.

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