College Bound~Bless the Letting Go

Bless: to invoke divine care for (

Today our niece is college bound. Stirs up memories within my soul.

Several years ago we were saying goodbye to our oldest child.

I remember it as if it were yesterday.

The bundle of emotion.

The good. The bad. The scary.

The shopping was exciting. Necessities for dorm life. Food. First Aid kit. School supplies. Clothes. Housekeeping supplies.

Bless the Letting Go

Preparing was such fun!

We had worked towards this day for eighteen years.
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The Walk of Memories


Wedding preparation has thankfully kept my mind occupied as of late.

Being a sentimental mom, I tried to keep focused more on tasks to be done rather than the bittersweet life-changing event about to take place.

I was fine at the rehearsal until… I saw youth ministry leaders, Carrie and Shawn walking together arm in arm, strangers to each other but both friends of Jesus. Each investing Christ’s love into the radiant Bride and her Groom.

Then for the Big Day. I was fine until… my handsome husband of 25 years came to escort me down the center aisle. I cried the entire walk.

The Walk of Memories.

Guests speculated as to the source of my tears. Little did they know of the voices I was hearing.


“Momma, sing My Girl to me again!”

“Can I put the pepperoni on, Momma?”

“Momma, let’s march and sing Yellow Submarine!”

“I hurt myself, kiss it better Momma.”

“When I get bigger, I am going to marry Daddy!”


And then a short time later, there awaiting her sister, the Maid of Honor with her flowing red curls. Memories again flooded my mind. Two young girls. Best friends since birth. Climbing trees, wading creeks, running through fields with their Beagles.

Our number one goal as parents, to introduce our children to Jesus.

Our number two goal as their parents, to encourage an unbreakable bond between sisters.

I believe we have succeeded.

It is time to rise and I watch as Daddy now escorts his little girl down the Walk of Memories.

I see the tightness of his face. His clenched jaw. The distance in his eyes.


He is putting worms on hooks.

Tickling tummies with his whiskers.

Holding back briars.

Pointing to hiding mushrooms and fawns playing.

Fixing broken bikes and soothing broken hearts.


He soon joins me. We watch as our responsibilities of parenthood transform.



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To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool

back to school


“Whether called homeschooling, home schooling, home-based education, home education, home-schooling, unschooling, deschooling, or a form of alternative education, the movement is growing and the National Home Education Research Institute is tracking and analyzing it, internationally.” ~NHERI

I never thought of homeschooling as a controversial subject.

That is… until I began to consider it seriously for our family. I NEVER came across anything exceptionally rude or mean. I want to make that clear right away.

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Blogging: Finding my passion


That is how life began. Adam. Then Eve. Cain. Then Abel.

Jesus entered the world as a baby creating a family of Mary and Joseph.

Families are the foundation of society. Faith is the the foundation of resilient families.

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What kind of family are you?

father and son

Eagle Eye Annie.

What a beauty! She never let Andy down.

He and Opie would go down to the fishin’ hole, something they did quite often and always took Annie along. Even when the mayor wouldn’t get one bite on his line, Eagle Eye Annie would have no trouble reelin’ the fish in! Yes-sir-ee, she was the best fishin’ pole a guy could have.

One day the mayor wanted to purchase a mink jacket as a surprise for his wife. The mayor asked Andy to pick it up for him. It so happened Andy’s Aunt Bea was about town running errands. She witnessed Andy leaving the store with the mink. Aunt Bea’s birthday was coming up soon. Imagine her disappointment when she opened her gift of canning jars instead of the jacket! (I have a bigger need of canning jars myself but…this is a story of Mayberry not mine.)

Learning of the misunderstanding, Andy approached the mayor with a proposition of buying the mink; which he agreed to on the condition that Andy sell the mayor Eagle Eye Annie.

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If I had my child to raise over again

This poem was printed in our church newsletter approximately twenty years ago.  Posted on our fridge. Referred to often.

If I had my child to raise over again,

I’d build self-esteem first and the house later;

I’d finger paint more and point the finger less;

I would do less correcting, and more connecting.

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Back to the Family

After being in the workforce for ten years, I left it behind to begin my new journey as a stay-at-home momma.
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