10 Baby Steps Towards Healthier Living

Whether you want to begin living a healthy lifestyle or your doctor has said you need to make changes, these baby steps will give you a jumpstart. This list and future posts in this series are actually reminders to myself of what I’ve learned and to keep my self on track. Or in some cases to get back on track. So please don’t think I have this living healthy thing mastered. I just do the best that I can. Since it’s helped me to feel better and to lose unwanted weight, I figured you may like the info too.  I have provided more in depth information with plenty of links to articles and  videos to view as you have time. {Bookmark this page to reference later. Be sure to sign up for email reminders found in the sidebar or at the end of this post.}

10 steps to healthier living with backtofamily.net

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. I have learned alot through the years doing my best to be a good steward of this body God has given me. I simply want to share what I’ve learned with you. Remember, these are just baby steps to lead you to the next step of healthy living. For instance in number 3, I suggest you dilute fruit juice. Some experts say to avoid it altogether due to it’s high sugar (albeit natural) content. My belief is that diluted fruit juice is a much better choice than a can of pop. Over time as you dilute, you add more water and less fruit juice. See? Baby steps.

Knowledge is power. Start slow. Take a deep breath. Now, let’s not waste anymore time, let’s get started.


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