My Chickens Walk All Over Me

Chicken on my back

Yes. That is a chicken on my back.

Although pleading my case with Camo Guy, promising to treat them as homestead livestock in order to obtain chickens, they now are indeed pets.

(He knew it would be the case all along.)

While working outdoors this past summer, our Beagles began barking.

Their kennel is fairly close to the newly arrived chicken house.

However, the dogs have never shown much interest in the new addition.

Then I noticed the Buckeyes becoming agitated.

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Eggs in Winter


Farm fresh eggs.

Absolutely nothing better.

Our young Buckeye hens have been supplying us with rich, delicious eggs since mid-August.

We have 8 hens and receive roughly 2 dozen eggs a week. Just enough for our family.

I was worried that production would come to a halt when cold weather came upon us. Not the case. Not yet anyway.

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