We Made It!!

Original Walton/Hamner Home


We made it to Walton’s Mountain.

Through the fog and rain and detours and many many mountains…

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Livvie’s Lemonade



I love episodes of The Walton’s where Olivia would carry a tray with glasses and a pitcher of freshly made lemonade. She would  offer friends passing by to join her in conversation and the delicious taste of lemons. Or she would go to  her husband at the family mill where he was hard at work to enjoy a refreshing glass on a hot summer day. Our family too enjoys the sweet satisfaction of a tall glass of Livvie’s Lemonade. 
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Doin’ Nothin’

mountain scene


Sometimes you have to sacrifice doing good in order to do the best. My pastor had conveyed this truth many times until I finally understood.

I believe that busyness is a tool of Satan to distract us from the important things in life.

Why does it seem that others get much more accomplished than we do when we are all given the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Maybe it’s because they are focusing on what’s important and leaving the rest go.

We equate busyness with significance. We don’t feel important or useful unless we are busy. When we do nothing, we feel guilty.

Everyone’s in a hurry to get here and there, to achieve more and more accomplishments. Yet, what are we doing really, other than killing ourselves with stress?

Where are we going?

What are we accomplishing?

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What kind of family are you?

father and son

Eagle Eye Annie.

What a beauty! She never let Andy down.

He and Opie would go down to the fishin’ hole, something they did quite often and always took Annie along. Even when the mayor wouldn’t get one bite on his line, Eagle Eye Annie would have no trouble reelin’ the fish in! Yes-sir-ee, she was the best fishin’ pole a guy could have.

One day the mayor wanted to purchase a mink jacket as a surprise for his wife. The mayor asked Andy to pick it up for him. It so happened Andy’s Aunt Bea was about town running errands. She witnessed Andy leaving the store with the mink. Aunt Bea’s birthday was coming up soon. Imagine her disappointment when she opened her gift of canning jars instead of the jacket! (I have a bigger need of canning jars myself but…this is a story of Mayberry not mine.)

Learning of the misunderstanding, Andy approached the mayor with a proposition of buying the mink; which he agreed to on the condition that Andy sell the mayor Eagle Eye Annie.

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