Getting There

If you ever decide to visit Walton’s Mountain, call me first and I will tell you the route NOT to take.

The don’t call it Walton’s MOUNTAIN for nothing!

Planning on leaving at 4 a.m., we pulled out at 6 a.m.

The handy dandy directions printed from an online map website stated clearly it would take us 6 hours and 22 minutes.

Maps, Route Planners, and Worn Atlas

9 hours and 45 minutes later we pulled in.

So this makes us…what?…2 hours leaving later plus an extra 3 hours and 23 minutes driving time…over 5 hours later than I planned to arrive.

We arrived what I believed to be a half hour before closing! Ugh!

Yes, I was tired and frustrated and crankier than a two year old without a nap.

I learned that they stop accepting visitors at 3:30, but don’t actually close till 4:00.

Now, an hour and fifteen minutes is plenty of time to view the museum for the average person.

HOWEVER, for a Walton-loving fan like myself, not nearly enough.

My family offered to sacrifice one day at the beach to drive back or perhaps stop again on our way home.

The thought of driving those winding mountain roads again for hours helped me decide to just make the best of an hour and half. 🙂

We drove through fog, and rain, and detours.

It seemed as if we were driving right into Jurassic Park!

We saw hunters releasing large dogs with tracking devices in the middle of forests.

Camo Guy reckoned they were hunting bear!


This tiny mountain road winding round and round through forests, up and down mountain tops was taking us through bear country.

Bears scare me!

Although… my second crush, Christopher Robin was best friends with a delightful bear.

FYI- my first crush was Speed Racer. I was 5. He drove the Mach 5. Cool, huh?

Anyway, back to the mountain story…

And like Jurassic Park, at first there’s Ooh’s and Aah’s…

We drove through a picturesque little town, Durbin, West Virginia with a population of 250.

It was nestled all snug in a valley between two mountains.

A magnificent view!

If I knew then what I know now, we would’ve stayed there for the night.

They offer a train ride pulled by a steam locomotive.

 Durbin Days was in full swing. An old-fashioned town festival. The 5k had just finished.

We drove on through the Monongahela National Forest.

The winding twisty roads were almost too much for our stomachs.

As we were exiting the forest hours later we cheered…only to come across another sign:

Welcome to the George Washington National Forest!

…and then later it turns to moaning and groaning (car sickness)…

After taking a turn rather quickly we heard from the backseat, “Ooh! I’m gonna lose my donut hole!”

(We were munching on donut holes. Yes, I know they are not healthy. But it was vacation after all.)

The mountains were amazing. A sight to behold!

The scenic route we were taking, up and down, round and round was hard on the brakes of our truck pulling a camper.


girls' closet

Another result of winding and twisting roads…

When we reached civilization, we stopped to eat hoping the smell of burning rubber would dissipate. It did.

En route to Walton’s Mountain, we passed a sign pointing the way to Doe Hill.

Cora Beth’s hometown!

Shortly after, we arrived in Schuyler, Virginia!

The Original Walton/Hamner Home


NOTE: All pictures taken with Princess’s Canon EOS Rebel T3i, either by her or myself.




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